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Discover the Future of Fleet Management with DBM Automotive Ltd

At DBM, we leverage cutting-edge technology to revolutionize the way you handle your fleet, whether you’re overseeing a compact lineup of three vehicles or managing a substantial fleet of 300. Our renowned CRM software stands at the forefront of fleet management, offering a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline your operations.

Our CRM software offers the following key functionalities:

Maintenance Schedule Management

DBM’s CRM software is your ultimate companion for keeping your vehicles in optimal condition. With scheduled maintenance alerts and automated tracking, you’ll never miss a crucial service appointment again.

CVI Renewal Reminders

Staying compliant with Commercial Vehicle Inspections (CVI) is made effortless with our software. Receive timely reminders and ensure that your vehicles are always road-ready and compliant.

Visual Inspections with Multimedia

Take your inspections to the next level with our visual inspection feature. Capture high-quality pictures and videos of your vehicles, providing a detailed and visual record of their condition.

Seamless Integration

DBM’s CRM software seamlessly integrates with a range of fleet management services, including industry leaders like Holman, Jim Pattison Leasing, Element, and many more. This connectivity ensures that your fleet operates at peak efficiency and can be easily customized to your specific needs.

With DBM, you’re not just managing vehicles; you’re optimizing your entire fleet operation. Experience the future of fleet management with us and discover how our innovative solutions can save you time, reduce costs, and boost the performance of your fleet. Whether you’re in the business of repair and maintenance, commercial vehicle inspections, trailer sales, trailer rentals, or need automotive parts, DBM Automotive Ltd has you covered.